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Welcome to Freedom Solo!

James here.

I was able to quit my 9 to 5 work in April 2020 mostly because of my online publishing business!

And I’m here to impart to you what I’ve discovered about building an internet business with a 6-figure passive income.

I’ll share the specifics of my greatest accomplishments and worst mistakes, from my time as a programmer working for a rapidly expanding e-commerce firm to my time as a fiercely devoted and unyielding solopreneur running an obscenely successful self-publishing empire.

If you’re desperate to:

  • Find out the greatest mistakes I committed on my path to six figures—and how to avoid repeating them.
  • Learn exactly how to start your own publishing business that generates profits from a passive source.
  • Hear the tactics employed by other savvy businesspeople who are dominating the internet market.
  • Create the mentality and behaviors needed to go from a dreamer to a doer.

Then stick around! Freedom Solo is the place you need.

Okay, enough waiting around! Start building your empire right away!